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Do you know what your political status is? Did you know there were different types of citizens? Which one are you?

American State National

An American State National is either: (1) naturally born on the land and soil of an American State such as Wisconsin, or (2) after being naturalized as a United States Citizen, is a foreign-born man or woman who voluntarily accepts and publishes their adoption of a specific American State as their permanent home and domicile. A State National is not acting as a citizen of any government and owes no obligations to government beyond keeping the peace and reporting crimes. 

 As a completely unincorporated Person, a State National is sovereign and private and generally immune from prosecution until and unless they take some action that causes actual physical harm to someone else or someone else’s property, whereupon they are subject to the Common Law of the County and State where they live or where the alleged crime is committed. 

A State National can be arrested for cause by peacekeeping officials but is not generally subject to private courts or to arrest by private law enforcement officers. 

By definition, a State National is a civilian and an Internationally Protected Person and is owed The Law of Peace. 

A State National may be elected to Public Office, whereupon they become subject to their Affirmation of Office. 

State Nationals are the “people” of each State and populate the National Soil Jurisdiction. 

American State Citizen

State Citizens are State Nationals who undertake the obligations of Self-Governance on behalf of the State of the Union.

They occupy basic Offices of the State Government, most commonly volunteering to act as jurors to serve the Jury Pools of both the Grand and Trial Juries of their State and County Courts. 

Both State Nationals and State Citizens can take part in Public Elections and may serve as Electors. 

If deputized or elected to office, State Nationals assume State Citizenship for the duration of their service. 

State Citizens occupy State and County Public Offices, acting as State Justices, local Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Peacekeeping Deputies, Coroners, Recorders, and other Public Offices, either paid or unpaid.

Members of the State Militia are all State Citizens while actively engaged in militia activities. 

A State Citizen cannot adopt any other form of citizenship while serving as a State Citizen. 

All State Assembly officers and elected delegates of the State Assemblies are State Citizens. 

State Citizens are the “People” of their State and the Parties enabled to enforce the Constitutions directly and indirectly through their State’s membership in the Federation of States known as The United States of America and the Union known as The United States. 

Federal Citizens

True Federal Citizens are called United States Citizens and they are considered while employed by the Federal Government to be Dual Citizens of their State and work directly for and are commissioned by The United States of America, the unincorporated Federation of States in control of the International Land Jurisdiction of this country and the non-delegated powers owed to the States in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea [Amendment X]. 

Federal Marshals, now called Continental Marshals, are civilian peacekeeping officers who work within Multi-State Federal Postal District Service Areas.

Federal Postal District Courts are also staffed by United States Citizens. 

They are all Federation Employees and they enforce the Constitutions and the Untied States Statues-at-Large and Public Laws as published on the Congressional Record. 

Post Masters are another example of land jurisdiction United States Citizens. 

The members of the Coast Guard and Border Patrols are also technically United States Citizens. 

Territorial United States Citizens

Territorial United States Citizens are called U.S. Citizens to distinguish between them and United States Citizens. 

Territorial Citizens are now commonly Dual Citizens of the British Commonwealth and the Municipal United States, though they may opt to claim citizenship from another country entirely.

They work out of the District of Columbia to enforce U.S. Statutes that are published on the Federal Register and to perform military and quasi-military and military support duties. 

The U.S. Marshals are private law enforcement officers hired to police the delegated portions of our international (interstate) jurisdiction.

Postmasters are U.S. Citizens as are members of the U.S. Military Services and their Dependents. 

These people work for the British Territorial United States Government doing business as “the” United States of America and they exercise some of our delegated powers, especially within the International Jurisdiction of the Sea. 

While in this status, Americans are not Party to the Constitutions and have no Constitutional Guarantees. 

Shysters like to pretend that we are voluntarily adopting this political status in order to better evade their constitutional duties and the guarantees owed to us.  

Municipal United States Citizens

Municipal United States Citizens are known as “citizens of the United States” and as “US CITIZENS” and include the members of the Federal Civil Service, and officers of the actual Municipal Corporation and its franchises and subcontractors which include the so-called Federal Agencies.

These are all employees or dependents of the oligarchic Papist Municipal Government of Washington, DC, and the District of Columbia and its STATE OF STATE subsidiaries and they basically work to enforce global commercial law and “federal” regulations. 

They are Dual Citizens of the Territorial United States [the District of Columbia and Insular States], and “the” United States which is meant to be an instrumentality of the doing business “as” name of the Union of States, but has been usurped and operated under the UNITED STATES CONGRESS as an instrumentality of doing business “as” name of the Municipality of Washington, DC, and its Congressional Oligarchy allowed at ARticle 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

Shysters like to pretend that we are voluntarily adopting this political status, too, in order to evade their duties to us owed under the Constitutions and to promote various crimes against our assets and Persons. 

The Bottom Line

If you are not actually employed by a Federal Subcontractor and not a Dependent of the Federal Employee nor a voluntary recipient of unearned Federal welfare benefits nor a political asylum seeker nor a knowing and willing volunteer or paid Agent of the two Foreign “Federal” Subcontractors, you are in fact an American State National or State Citizen.

Your earnings are not “Federal Income” and you are not generally subject to Federal Codes and regulations unless you are engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms.

Take the next steps in becoming an American State National or an American State Citizen.

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