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Your Right to Travel Freely- State V Marple

By Anna Von Reitz

I don’t usually do this, but today, I am passing on the fruit of someone else’s hard work— at his request. For years now, New Hampshire Representative Marple has been leading the fight to preserve basic freedoms guaranteed to the people of his state for generations— the right to travel freely, the right to keep and bear arms—- all those basic rights that we have taken too much for granted. He is currently doing battle in the court system, as he has done battle in the chambers of the state legislature. It is a fight we all need to be aware of and in whatever ways we can— need to support.

When more elected members of the Territorial and Municipal Governments stand up and stop being led around by the nose–when they clearly realize as Representative Marple has, what is truly at stake— the opportunity for meaningful dialogue and peaceful resolution of the current situation expands exponentially. These links will bring you up to date fast. I am also in receipt of a copy of the most recent pleadings which I am attaching (see below) as they contain an absolute gold mine of information and support for those working on right to travel and similar basic rights issues.

To read more, download the document file