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New Mexico Assembly

Rebuttal To Notice From the New Mexico Assembly

Today’s date is April 6, 2021

On April 5, 2021, Mike Johnston the State Coordinator for the New Mexico Assembly received an electronic communication from FedEx. The FedEx scanned contents are as stated:

Affirmation: Notice of Interest
Request for Fair Hearing First Notice to New Mexico Assembly [Private Law Outside the United States]

The contents of this notice contain a combination of affirmations and affidavits. The “Affiants” as stated in the ‘Notice of Interest’ are Robin Bullard Williamson, Wendee Jane Doster, and Victor Nelson Weitz.

The Affiants have stated that the Respondents are the New Mexico Assembly, Coordinator Mike Johnston, Co-Coordinators: Evangeline and Dominic Knipfing, Rodney Perez Treasurer, SIA Coordinator: Tim McClain, State Recorder: Carrie McClain.

It must be stated that the Affiants have named in error Evangeline Knipfing as a Co-Coordinator. She is not a co-coordinator, but is the web coordinator and elected State Recording Secretary.
Rodney Perez is not the Treasurer, but is an elected State Recording Secretary. The Sign In America Coordinators are Tim and Carrie McClain. Tim McClain is an elected State Recording Secretary. This is a misidentifying of the officers and volunteers and for the record, it should be corrected as the Respondents were not properly addressed.

It must also be stated that nothing has been received by Registered Mail. This is the proper way to notice, not by way of unidentified FedEx scans via electronic communication.

The self-described Affiants should ponder over the next 30 days whether they wish to be heard in a municipal or territorial court, because Affidavits are not used by Living Men and Women in Common Law and the vacillation between affirmation and affidavit is confusing at best.

The Affiants have asked for a “Fair Hearing” as if there was a Common Law Court set up and readily at their disposal. If this were the case, would an affidavit be used?

The New Mexico Assembly is asking each and all the declarations of Robin Bullard Williamson, Wendee Jane Doster, and Victor Nelson Weitz to be clearly stated and separate in their own affirmation of testimony and statement of facts.

The New Mexico Assembly is asking for the man and women claiming to be Affiants to make your notice as a living man and two living women and to not address this Assembly as legal persons. There is no place in our Assembly for legal fictions, affidavits, affiants, and quoting constitutional rights.

Further, improperly identifying yourselves as “R. Williamson, W. Doster, and Victor Weitz” further confuses the matter as does the use of Parse Syntax.

We will respond to a properly crafted Notice when we receive one. We cannot at this time respond to Affiants acting as legal persons with Affidavits. We are living men and women.

To understand why we have taken this position, please read the two following articles by Anna Von Reitz about Affidavits and Constitutions.

We look forward to reviewing your corrected Notice served the proper way.

Kindly, The New Mexico Assembly

We Don’t Use Affidavits- Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

Using an affidavit identifies you as a Legal Person, occupying an “office of personhood” and automatically subjects you to the foreign law and codes of the British Territorial Government.

You have to be part of their government or part of ours, and there is no iffy-andsy-orsie to it. Most people are desperately trying to get back to being Americans and standing on the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, but they are also so ignorant and confused that they are constantly “going back into the maze” that we just got them out of, by doing idiot things like issuing “affidavits” when they have been repeatedly, relentlessly and pointedly told that we, Americans, never, ever use “affidavits”.

We are not subject to foreign law. We do not occupy offices of personhood in foreign governments. And we do not ever quote Federal Code for any purpose other than reminding our Employees what their published law says about them and their obligations —- not our obligations— their Obligations.

We, as Americans and as living people, cannot and do not EVER use or issue “affidavits” of any kind. Period.

We use Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, which simply means that we number the points of our testimony 1, 2, 3, 4…. but we NEVER, EVER submit or create Affidavits of ANY KIND.

Because when we do, we lose everything we have gained in the process of declaring our proper political status, and are “presumed” to be “voluntarily” adopting the status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and also voluntarily subjecting ourselves to that foreign law — instead of standing apart from it and exercising our exemption from it. Which is the whole point!

I am so disgusted, so appalled, when I have told everyone these facts for years on end. Wake to hell up, all of you. Your lives and your country depend on it.

Those who want to play in the Federal Code Sandbox need to go join a District Assembly right now and get to hell out of our State Assemblies. Permanently.

There are two mighty efforts going on — Employees trying to correct their operation of the District and Municipal Governments, and the Employers putting their government into Session. Never the twain shall meet.

So all you guys who want to correct the District Government — hop to it. Be my guest. But get out of our assemblies and go join your own. Stop causing confusion. If you want to live under Federal Code, fine. Again, hop to it. You don’t belong in any State Assembly. Leave. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.

No Affidavits, No Executors, No Contracts, and No Constitutions

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin with the First Amazing Fact in reverse order: no Constitutions.

Americans don’t “derive their substance” from Constitutions. We derive our standing and substance from The Declaration of Independence. That is what forms the backbone and substance of our
political identity.

We, and our ancestors, are the ones who fought and bled for that freedom and earned the right to be called “the free, sovereign, and independent people”.

So, we, Americans, don’t stand “under” any Constitution and that includes any State of State Constitution.

Even though people tend to be stubbornly egocentric, and to assume that everything is about them, the Constitutions are not about us.

The Constitutions are 95% about our Federal Subcontractors, the organization of their activities, the stipulated services they are to perform, and the limitations placed on them—- which is why our Federal Subcontractors are responsible for obeying the Constitutions and supporting them—- as a condition of their employment.

The Constitutions are what grant our Federal Subcontractors their political status as U.S. Citizens and/or as Municipal citizens of the United States, so they are also intrinsically vital to our Federal Employees. Without the Constitutions, they become “stateless”— but we sail right on.

We are only mentioned, largely in Amendments, like X and XI, and as afterthoughts — in the Preamble and the Bill of Rights.

So as Americans who aren’t Federal Employees, please wake up and realize where your strength and identity comes from: The Declaration of Independence.

And don’t expect any Constitution to tell you who you are, because the Constitutions are not about you— aren’t now and never were.

This is probably a big surprise to people who have been indoctrinated all their lives to place an inordinate emphasis and importance on the Constitutions —without, however, understanding what the Constitutions are.

The Constitutions are the implementation agreements resulting from the peace process that ended The War of Independence. The Treaties that underlie the Constitutions are what drive them and caused the Constitutions, which are Power-Sharing Agreements, to exist.

Many Americans don’t even realize that there is more than one Constitution involved. Such is the ignorance promoted by the “Public” School System– but it is an ignorance which we must now overcome.

I went over the “news” that there are no contracts under American Common Law in some detail yesterday in an Article titled bluntly, “There Are No Contracts Under American Common Law”. In it, I explained why we don’t do contracts and why contracts are not applicable to Americans. The final two points speak to the same issues of identities and capacities.

Living people can’t do affidavits. Only Officers or elected Officials of corporations can issue affidavits because affidavits are “statements” made by Persons — those occupying Offices of Personhood.

People have a voice, so we speak, we say. Persons make statements. See the difference?

Thus, a Borough Mayor can give an affidavit. A British Warrant Officer working for the IRS can give an affidavit. A billing clerk working for the Big City Electric Company, Inc., can give an affidavit. But you cannot stand as a living American, someone asserting all your Natural and Unalienable

Rights, and issue any kind of affidavit. You have to provide testimony in the “form” of an affidavit, which is a different beastie entirely.

I have said this before and again and again, and still, not a day goes by without some “affidavit” drafted by a clueless American coming across my desk. These are worthless pieces of paper, often composed in some weird combination of English and all capital letters Dog Latin, in which some pitiful ignoramus claims that he has Natural and Unalienable rights to do something or other—- while issuing an affidavit, and therefore, apparently serving as a member of a foreign government acting under delegated power.

Right. So ask yourselves— does an Officer in the British Merchant Marines have the Natural and Unalienable Rights of an American?

No, he does not.

So why would you ever issue an affidavit as if you were such an Officer, claiming that you had Natural and Unalienable Rights? The condition (being an Officer of a Corporation or Military Service) precludes the possibility that you have any such rights.

No wonder their judges throw your crap on the floor and don’t read it. It’s nothing but gibberish and constructive oxymorons from start to finish — endless reams of it. You talk endlessly about rights that you–at the same time– admit you don’t have, by submitting an affidavit and thereby admitting

to be a Brit or an officer of the Holy Roman Empire.

It would be funny, if it didn’t matter who you are and if it didn’t matter in what capacity you stand— but for millions of Americans, it does matter. It’s the difference between being prosecuted under foreign law or not prosecuted at all. It’s the difference between losing your home and not losing your home. It’s the difference between thousands of dollars of fines and fees, versus owing nothing.

For God’s sake, wake up. Know who you are. See what you are giving away to these snakes. And learn to defend yourselves from your own misguided employees.

Finally, let me address the latest rage in some patriot circles — claiming executorship of your own estate.

Obviously, if you have an estate that requires executorship, you are “dead” and you admit that you are “dead”. And if you volunteer to play “executor” of such an estate, there is no doubt whatsoever that you know and agree that you are “dead” with respect to your birthright.

The moment that you say that you are “competent to manage my own affairs” you are admitting to being a Brit and an “Authorized Representative” of the King, and yes, you may then administer your own estate — for the benefit of the King, to whom you surrender it.

This is more of the same crap that Phil Hudok accepted, in which the perpetrators proposed that if he agreed that he was a “natural person” —- that is, admit that he was dead, they would pay him off using his own credit card to do it.

After World War II the Powers That Were put everyone’s assets into Cestui Que Vie trusts, on the pretense that so many people and so many governments were disrupted, it was impossible to know who owned what — so the Allied Governments stepped in and seized everything belonging to everyone via legal chicanery and used this as an instrumentality to pillage and plunder and control.

They did this even in places like America and Canada, where little or none of the war actually touched our shores, where there was no bombing, and no excuse for taking such measures.

There are only three positions in a trust — donor, trustee, and beneficiary. It is possible for a donor to also serve as the intended beneficiary of a trust, but it is not possible to be the donor and the trustee, too.

So when you claim to be the “Executor” — the King’s Man in charge of the trust, acting as the Trustee, you are unavoidably claiming to be: (1) a Brit and an Officer of the King, administering a British Estate for the King, and (2) someone having no interest in the trust being administered.

That is, by volunteering to act as the Executor of your own estate, you are gaining a secondary control of it, but you are giving it up at the same time.

I doubt that that is what most American patriots are aiming for.

No, the position of power in a trust is that of the Donor, and they have “presumed” you to be the Donor and intended Beneficiary of this trust that they have created “for” you. So take up the position of the Donor and tell them what you want done. Make it explicit and simple. I am an American and I am the presumed Donor of the trust and I wish it to be disgorged and liquidated in my favor. Settle any debts before the court and set me free.

See how simple that was? Or, alternatively, enter your own vacated Trust Court, reserved for the Donors as a condition of remedy to make all this crappola “legal”—– and directly nullify and set aside whatever nonsense the rats have offered to do to your estate.

Remember that I told you that they set up all these State Trusts in the wake of the Civil War? And they operated these things under names like Ohio State and Nevada State and Wisconsin State —- and just neglected to add the word “Trust” so that you wouldn’t know what was going on?

They should have called it what it was — Ohio State Trust, Nevada State Trust, Wisconsin State Trust — but they didn’t and they didn’t for a reason. Hiding the truth of what they’d done and hiding your position of power as the Presumed Donors of these trusts (or your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents position as “presumed” Donors) would have destroyed any secondary power they had as foreign executors de son tort.

So, no, children, you don’t want to ever claim to be foreign executors charged with the job of administering estates of “persons lost at sea”, whereabouts unknown. You want to stand there flatfooted as the long-lost “Presumed” Donor of your own estate, or, in the case of our States, the Lawful Inheritor thereof, and ream these self-satisfied crooks all the way to Banff and back.

Knowing who you are and who you aren’t, is the absolute key, both to your freedom and to control of your own assets.

Please stop tripping over your own feet? Stop issuing affidavits. Stop claiming to be executors of your own estates. Stop signing contracts— good faith agreements are what Americans use to conduct business. Stop looking to Constitutions to tell you much of anything about your status or history, because the Constitutions are 95% about your foreign Federal Employees and have precious little to do with you.

Virtually everything I have said here has been said before in multiple other articles, but the information isn’t getting out to the patriot community fast enough — with the result that thousands more Americans are suffering and going to jail and fiddling around and getting entangled in these identity scams, and being victimized by those who are pillaging these fraudulently constructed public trusts. Form up, fellows. See through it and put an end to it.


By Anna Von Reitz

From: The American States Assembly and State Assembly Members of The United States of
America, our unincorporated Federation of States.

Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents:

  1. No American State Assembly is subject to any jurisdiction held by any international
    tribunal; our State Assemblies and these Several States they populate are sovereign physical
    entities and the only external performance contracts they hold are with the Pope, the Queen,
    and the Lord Mayor of London, not with the Reign of the Heavens Society nor any ill-informed
    adjunct organization dba “THE HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL INTERNATIONAL” pretending to have
    any authority or jurisdiction related to us;
  2. No Americans and no American States are subject to any foreign law or incorporated
    entity tribunal operating in global jurisdiction;
  3. The populations of our States of the Union are composed of living people and Lawful
    Persons, not HUMANS, so we neither address nor act upon HUMANS, that is, hue-mans, color
    of man, or more popularly, persons;
  4. Thus, neither our States, nor we, their Federation Government in International
    Jurisdiction, have imposed upon any entity, class of inhabitants, or foreign persons that could
    be described as “HUMANS” and we certainly owe no respect to any summons from any
    “TRIBUNAL” concerning itself with “HUMANS”;
  5. However, we do Notice your Organization for pernicious efforts to confuse yourselves
    and your franchises with us and our Government, including infringing upon our names; we
    order you to cease and desist these criminal activities and note that inland piracy —
    successful or not — is a hanging offense;
  6. Your crimes of infringement and acts of constructive fraud have now been exacerbated
    by offers of fraudulent court proceedings; again, cease and desist.
  7. The United States of America is the name of our unincorporated Federation of States. Any
    foreign incorporated entity proposing to use our Proper Name(s) for doing its own business is
    demonstrably a fraud creating malicious mischief and seeking to build upon former acts of
    piracy carried out by foreign governments acting in Breach of Trust and Contract.
  8. It is your choice whether or not you wish to act as HUMANS or as people, but as
    HUMANS are merely things and may be bought, sold, liquidated, or traded at will, we would
    highly recommend that people exercise their option to act as people, and forget about ever
    calling themselves HUMANS, claiming HUMAN RIGHTS, or subjecting themselves to anything
    called a HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL; we certainly won’t make that mistake.
  9. If you continue your activities in contravention of national and international law we will
    progressively prosecute your shell corporations and affiliated organizations and the
    individuals responsible for them.
    The United States of America — Unincorporated

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

New Mexico Assembly Notice & Directive

The United States of America
New Mexico Assembly

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

DIRECTIVE NM03-2020-000002, February 1, 2021

From: Michael Duane Johnston© The New Mexico Assembly
c/o 1111 10th Street, #549, Alamogordo, New MexicoPostal Code: 88310


c/o 490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400,
Santa Fe, NM 87501 US

State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Tim Johnson
4491 Cerrillos Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87507

New Mexico Department of Transportation

1120 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149

Cabinet Secretary Michael Sandoval

1120 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe NM 87504Ne

New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department 1220 South St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Cabinet Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst

1220 South St. Francis Drive Santa Fe NM 87505

General Administration

  1. Many Americans do not realize that they have been misidentified as either “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” or “US CITIZENS” and thereby, almost from birth, have been trafficked into a foreign political status and presumed to be subject to foreign jurisdictions of the law; however, a substantial remnant of the population of each State of the Union has timely addressed this unlawful conversion, reversed it, and they have then also restored the actual State Assemblies, including the New Mexico Assembly;
  2. The government of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States operating in international jurisdiction, is made up of three branches: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. The American subcontractor known as the States of America which was responsible for running the Federal Republic, was never properly reconstructed following the Civil War and has been missing — presumed to be in interregnum since 1860;
  3. Despite this lack of one-of-three Federal Subcontractors, the intended Delegated Powers naturally revert to our Federation of States by Operation of Law, and the actual government of this country remains vested in its people and their physically-defined States of the Union, and this republican form of self- governance is contractually guaranteed to each state without exception;
  4. This government “of, for, and by the people” is not always in Session, but when properly populated and assembled as it is now, it presents itself as the lawful and sovereign government, the Employer of both the Municipal STATE OF NEW MEXICO and the Territorial State of New Mexico. The actual state, New Mexico, does not take orders from its Employees; instead, the New Mexico Assembly, which is populated entirely by properly declared New Mexicans, tells its Employees what to do;
  5. For many decades the Municipal United States Government has operated as a plenary oligarchy authorized by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of The Constitution of the United States. This foreign government which was only intended to provide a government for the Municipality of Washington, DC, has usurped far beyond its intended role and has operated outside its set boundaries by establishing Municipal Corporations throughout this country and around the world. The parent corporation responsible for these criminal usurpations was bankrupted in 2015;
  6. The United States of America unincorporated is directing the international bankruptcy trustees to return the assets of New Mexico which were being mistakenly held in trust by the Territorial State of New Mexico and the Municipal STATE OF NEW MEXICO the Custodian of Alien Property (now a function of Attorney General Barr) and the United States Secretary of the Treasury.
  7. We, New Mexicans, have become fully aware of the institutionalized fraud and racketeering being addressed to us by our Employees — via improper registration and certification activities on our soil, via the equally improper issuance of Certificates of Title, including issuance of foreign land descriptions and titles, foreign registrations of birth, and licensing wherein the STATE OF NEW MEXICO Corporation seizes upon private property and charges New Mexicans rent on our own assets and foists off fraudulent “future lease purchase agreements” benefiting the Territorial State of New Mexico as mortgages. purportedly owed by “residents” of New Mexico — that are all foreign Municipal PERSONS merely named after actual New Mexicans without their conscious knowledge or permission;
  1. All the aforementioned deliberate and constructive and unconscionable fraud results in the issuance of licenses to New Mexicans under these aforementioned False Presumptions of Federal citizenship, which then serves to unlawfully convert our unalienable rights into privileges and mischaracterizes us, again, as Federal citizens. The actual Federal law is clear and applies to all federated States of States and incorporated Counties: “No state may convert any secured liberty into a privilege and issue a license and a fee for it.” — Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105:(1943).
    “If the State converts a right into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right with impunity.” —Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham, Alabama, 373 U.S. 262. If no State has the power to convert a secured right into a privilege, no state-of-state or subcontracting agency can obtain any such ability from a State via any delegation of power;
  2. New Mexicans are owed all of the Constitutional Guarantees published in both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. Article VI, the Supremacy Clause, states that “no thing” — no claim, no code, no regulation, federated State of State statute, no contractual process or legislation can overcome this Supreme Law of the Land. Amendment X just as clearly retains and reserves all powers not explicitly delegated to the States and people — that is, to New Mexico and New Mexicans. And finally, Amendment XI prohibits the application of foreign law to New Mexicans. Foreign law includes Territorial and Municipal code and the statutes of federated States of States, such as the State of New Mexico and STATE OF NEW MEXICO;
  3. Any “State’s interest” in public health, education, or welfare is New Mexico’s interest, not the State of New Mexico’s interest, so long as our State Assembly is in Session. We do not require the State of New Mexico to represent us or to act in any custodial capacity whatsoever while the actual New Mexico Assembly is in Session, and you may so inform your bankruptcy Trustees;
  4. New Mexicans who are members of the State Assembly have properly declared their political status and there should be no misunderstanding about who they are: the actual Employers of all levels of Public Employees — which includes all Federal personnel and all federated State of State personnel, their dependents and franchises;
  5. Our contracts as New Mexicans are directly with the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London;

we do not have direct contracts with the UNITED STATES, INC, the USA, Inc., or any subdivision, franchise, or agency subcontractor thereof. We deal at a higher level of administrative capacity — three levels of administration above the level of Governor of any State of State organization;

  1. We are bypassing those normal channels of delegation and speaking directly to you because our assembly is now in session and because various actions that you have taken, apparently upon your own volition, have been contrary to our Public Good and have usurped against the limitations of your commercial service contracts in unacceptable ways;
  2. Charges against Governor Jay Inslee of Washington have recently been brought for damages resulting from his over-reaching of his authority and various “proclamations” he has made mandating business closures and other measures. His response to his accountability to the public was that he couldn’t be held responsible for the results of his proclamations because he never enforced them. He blamed the victims. It was their fault that they mistook the limits of his authority and suffered as a result. We are not making that mistake in New Mexico;
  3. All New Mexico businesses that serve the public will be opened for business no later than February 1, 2021;
  4. All private federal corporation franchises in New Mexico, including military facilities that provide services to retired military personnel who are now civilians, will be open for business no later than February 1, 2021;
  5. The World Health Organization has now admitted that “Covid 19” does not exist and that this entire “exercise” was pre-planned in the nature of a fire drill and that no pandemic exists. We expect you to get back to business and quit obstructing our trade with the greatest alacrity and we also expect an end to the abuse of our public airwaves purveying propaganda related to this farce;
  6. Our government, the government of the People of New Mexico, has never declared any “emergency” and does not grant any special imaginary “emergency powers” to our federal subcontractors;
  7. State Credentials are being issued for the members of the New Mexico Assembly to make your jobs easier; you will now have an official data base and be able to identify the New Mexicans and other Americans as a separate population not voluntarily involved in any federally regulated commercial activities and not subject to any obligations as federal citizens.

Additional Administrative Matters

1. We request and require that New Mexicans have access to directly purchase private automobiles and receive the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) without interference or interception by any federal

agency, department or State of State franchise;

  1. We request and require that New Mexicans natural exemption from registration of their private automobiles be recognized and published and that New Mexicans who are not using the public roads for
    the benefit of commercial enterprises be issued “Regulation Z tags” to replace registration tags on their
    cars and trucks and to serve as notice of private use status;
  2. We request and require that all federal, state of state, and incorporated county personnel and organizations operating within the physical boundaries of New Mexico be properly educated and advised of the following facts:

3.1 New Mexico State Nationals and New Mexico State Citizens, herein referenced throughout as “New Mexicans” exist apart from all federal citizenship obligations and represent, from the federal and federated state-of-state perspective, a non-domestic population which is naturally exempt from federal code and regulation, except insomuch as some rare individuals may actually be engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco or firearms as properly defined;

  1. New Mexicans are not to be detained or arrested for code or statutory infractions;
  2. New Mexicans are free to travel in unregistered private-use cars and trucks and are not subject to licensing of their private use of public roads, their marriages, or their unregulated business activities; as a courtesy, New Mexicans will be issued State Credentials in lieu of Driver Licenses and their declaration of political status will be recorded and available in public record;
  3. New Mexicans may be in possession of guns and other weapons, either concealed or open carried;
  4. New Mexicans are owed all Constitutional guarantees and exemptions and claim these guarantees and exemptions;
  5. Now that the New Mexico Assembly is back in Session, you will be aware of New Mexicans as a separate population and will be dealing with our Assembly Sheriffs and Court System; the New Mexico Court System is being restored under the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, 70 US 2; our New Mexico Court System serves New Mexicans populating the land and soil jurisdiction of New Mexico, while the State of New Mexico Court System will continue to serve Territorial and Municipal residents of our State;
  6. Any incorporated entity or foreign Person/PERSON operating unlawfully or for unlawful purposes in New Mexico is subject to international prosecution and revocation of their charter and additional fines, fees, and punitive measures may apply;

10. All personnel attached to the State of New Mexico, the STATE OF NEW MEXICO, their agents, receivers, seconds, successors, and assigns, parent corporations and principals are hereby requested and
required to take affirmative action and prudent notice in compliance with this instruction from the New
Mexico Assembly, issued this 1st day of February in the year of 2021:

Most sincerely and by my hand and under seal. All Rights Reserved

Michael Duane Johnston©

State Coordinator

The New Mexico Assembly