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Rebuttal To Notice From the New Mexico Assembly

Today’s date is April 6, 2021

On April 5, 2021, Mike Johnston the State Coordinator for the New Mexico Assembly received an electronic communication from FedEx. The FedEx scanned contents are as stated:

Affirmation: Notice of Interest
Request for Fair Hearing First Notice to New Mexico Assembly [Private Law Outside the United States]

The contents of this notice contain a combination of affirmations and affidavits. The “Affiants” as stated in the ‘Notice of Interest’ are Robin Bullard Williamson, Wendee Jane Doster, and Victor Nelson Weitz.

The Affiants have stated that the Respondents are the New Mexico Assembly, Coordinator Mike Johnston, Co-Coordinators: Evangeline and Dominic Knipfing, Rodney Perez Treasurer, SIA Coordinator: Tim McClain, State Recorder: Carrie McClain.

It must be stated that the Affiants have named in error Evangeline Knipfing as a Co-Coordinator. She is not a co-coordinator, but is the web coordinator and elected State Recording Secretary.
Rodney Perez is not the Treasurer, but is an elected State Recording Secretary. The Sign In America Coordinators are Tim and Carrie McClain. Tim McClain is an elected State Recording Secretary. This is a misidentifying of the officers and volunteers and for the record, it should be corrected as the Respondents were not properly addressed.

It must also be stated that nothing has been received by Registered Mail. This is the proper way to notice, not by way of unidentified FedEx scans via electronic communication.

The self-described Affiants should ponder over the next 30 days whether they wish to be heard in a municipal or territorial court, because Affidavits are not used by Living Men and Women in Common Law and the vacillation between affirmation and affidavit is confusing at best.

The Affiants have asked for a “Fair Hearing” as if there was a Common Law Court set up and readily at their disposal. If this were the case, would an affidavit be used?

The New Mexico Assembly is asking each and all the declarations of Robin Bullard Williamson, Wendee Jane Doster, and Victor Nelson Weitz to be clearly stated and separate in their own affirmation of testimony and statement of facts.

The New Mexico Assembly is asking for the man and women claiming to be Affiants to make your notice as a living man and two living women and to not address this Assembly as legal persons. There is no place in our Assembly for legal fictions, affidavits, affiants, and quoting constitutional rights.

Further, improperly identifying yourselves as “R. Williamson, W. Doster, and Victor Weitz” further confuses the matter as does the use of Parse Syntax.

We will respond to a properly crafted Notice when we receive one. We cannot at this time respond to Affiants acting as legal persons with Affidavits. We are living men and women.

To understand why we have taken this position, please read the two following articles by Anna Von Reitz about Affidavits and Constitutions.

We look forward to reviewing your corrected Notice served the proper way.

Kindly, The New Mexico Assembly

We Don’t Use Affidavits- Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

Using an affidavit identifies you as a Legal Person, occupying an “office of personhood” and automatically subjects you to the foreign law and codes of the British Territorial Government.

You have to be part of their government or part of ours, and there is no iffy-andsy-orsie to it. Most people are desperately trying to get back to being Americans and standing on the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, but they are also so ignorant and confused that they are constantly “going back into the maze” that we just got them out of, by doing idiot things like issuing “affidavits” when they have been repeatedly, relentlessly and pointedly told that we, Americans, never, ever use “affidavits”.

We are not subject to foreign law. We do not occupy offices of personhood in foreign governments. And we do not ever quote Federal Code for any purpose other than reminding our Employees what their published law says about them and their obligations —- not our obligations— their Obligations.

We, as Americans and as living people, cannot and do not EVER use or issue “affidavits” of any kind. Period.

We use Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, which simply means that we number the points of our testimony 1, 2, 3, 4…. but we NEVER, EVER submit or create Affidavits of ANY KIND.

Because when we do, we lose everything we have gained in the process of declaring our proper political status, and are “presumed” to be “voluntarily” adopting the status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and also voluntarily subjecting ourselves to that foreign law — instead of standing apart from it and exercising our exemption from it. Which is the whole point!

I am so disgusted, so appalled, when I have told everyone these facts for years on end. Wake to hell up, all of you. Your lives and your country depend on it.

Those who want to play in the Federal Code Sandbox need to go join a District Assembly right now and get to hell out of our State Assemblies. Permanently.

There are two mighty efforts going on — Employees trying to correct their operation of the District and Municipal Governments, and the Employers putting their government into Session. Never the twain shall meet.

So all you guys who want to correct the District Government — hop to it. Be my guest. But get out of our assemblies and go join your own. Stop causing confusion. If you want to live under Federal Code, fine. Again, hop to it. You don’t belong in any State Assembly. Leave. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.

No Affidavits, No Executors, No Contracts, and No Constitutions

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin with the First Amazing Fact in reverse order: no Constitutions.

Americans don’t “derive their substance” from Constitutions. We derive our standing and substance from The Declaration of Independence. That is what forms the backbone and substance of our
political identity.

We, and our ancestors, are the ones who fought and bled for that freedom and earned the right to be called “the free, sovereign, and independent people”.

So, we, Americans, don’t stand “under” any Constitution and that includes any State of State Constitution.

Even though people tend to be stubbornly egocentric, and to assume that everything is about them, the Constitutions are not about us.

The Constitutions are 95% about our Federal Subcontractors, the organization of their activities, the stipulated services they are to perform, and the limitations placed on them—- which is why our Federal Subcontractors are responsible for obeying the Constitutions and supporting them—- as a condition of their employment.

The Constitutions are what grant our Federal Subcontractors their political status as U.S. Citizens and/or as Municipal citizens of the United States, so they are also intrinsically vital to our Federal Employees. Without the Constitutions, they become “stateless”— but we sail right on.

We are only mentioned, largely in Amendments, like X and XI, and as afterthoughts — in the Preamble and the Bill of Rights.

So as Americans who aren’t Federal Employees, please wake up and realize where your strength and identity comes from: The Declaration of Independence.

And don’t expect any Constitution to tell you who you are, because the Constitutions are not about you— aren’t now and never were.

This is probably a big surprise to people who have been indoctrinated all their lives to place an inordinate emphasis and importance on the Constitutions —without, however, understanding what the Constitutions are.

The Constitutions are the implementation agreements resulting from the peace process that ended The War of Independence. The Treaties that underlie the Constitutions are what drive them and caused the Constitutions, which are Power-Sharing Agreements, to exist.

Many Americans don’t even realize that there is more than one Constitution involved. Such is the ignorance promoted by the “Public” School System– but it is an ignorance which we must now overcome.

I went over the “news” that there are no contracts under American Common Law in some detail yesterday in an Article titled bluntly, “There Are No Contracts Under American Common Law”. In it, I explained why we don’t do contracts and why contracts are not applicable to Americans. The final two points speak to the same issues of identities and capacities.

Living people can’t do affidavits. Only Officers or elected Officials of corporations can issue affidavits because affidavits are “statements” made by Persons — those occupying Offices of Personhood.

People have a voice, so we speak, we say. Persons make statements. See the difference?

Thus, a Borough Mayor can give an affidavit. A British Warrant Officer working for the IRS can give an affidavit. A billing clerk working for the Big City Electric Company, Inc., can give an affidavit. But you cannot stand as a living American, someone asserting all your Natural and Unalienable

Rights, and issue any kind of affidavit. You have to provide testimony in the “form” of an affidavit, which is a different beastie entirely.

I have said this before and again and again, and still, not a day goes by without some “affidavit” drafted by a clueless American coming across my desk. These are worthless pieces of paper, often composed in some weird combination of English and all capital letters Dog Latin, in which some pitiful ignoramus claims that he has Natural and Unalienable rights to do something or other—- while issuing an affidavit, and therefore, apparently serving as a member of a foreign government acting under delegated power.

Right. So ask yourselves— does an Officer in the British Merchant Marines have the Natural and Unalienable Rights of an American?

No, he does not.

So why would you ever issue an affidavit as if you were such an Officer, claiming that you had Natural and Unalienable Rights? The condition (being an Officer of a Corporation or Military Service) precludes the possibility that you have any such rights.

No wonder their judges throw your crap on the floor and don’t read it. It’s nothing but gibberish and constructive oxymorons from start to finish — endless reams of it. You talk endlessly about rights that you–at the same time– admit you don’t have, by submitting an affidavit and thereby admitting

to be a Brit or an officer of the Holy Roman Empire.

It would be funny, if it didn’t matter who you are and if it didn’t matter in what capacity you stand— but for millions of Americans, it does matter. It’s the difference between being prosecuted under foreign law or not prosecuted at all. It’s the difference between losing your home and not losing your home. It’s the difference between thousands of dollars of fines and fees, versus owing nothing.

For God’s sake, wake up. Know who you are. See what you are giving away to these snakes. And learn to defend yourselves from your own misguided employees.

Finally, let me address the latest rage in some patriot circles — claiming executorship of your own estate.

Obviously, if you have an estate that requires executorship, you are “dead” and you admit that you are “dead”. And if you volunteer to play “executor” of such an estate, there is no doubt whatsoever that you know and agree that you are “dead” with respect to your birthright.

The moment that you say that you are “competent to manage my own affairs” you are admitting to being a Brit and an “Authorized Representative” of the King, and yes, you may then administer your own estate — for the benefit of the King, to whom you surrender it.

This is more of the same crap that Phil Hudok accepted, in which the perpetrators proposed that if he agreed that he was a “natural person” —- that is, admit that he was dead, they would pay him off using his own credit card to do it.

After World War II the Powers That Were put everyone’s assets into Cestui Que Vie trusts, on the pretense that so many people and so many governments were disrupted, it was impossible to know who owned what — so the Allied Governments stepped in and seized everything belonging to everyone via legal chicanery and used this as an instrumentality to pillage and plunder and control.

They did this even in places like America and Canada, where little or none of the war actually touched our shores, where there was no bombing, and no excuse for taking such measures.

There are only three positions in a trust — donor, trustee, and beneficiary. It is possible for a donor to also serve as the intended beneficiary of a trust, but it is not possible to be the donor and the trustee, too.

So when you claim to be the “Executor” — the King’s Man in charge of the trust, acting as the Trustee, you are unavoidably claiming to be: (1) a Brit and an Officer of the King, administering a British Estate for the King, and (2) someone having no interest in the trust being administered.

That is, by volunteering to act as the Executor of your own estate, you are gaining a secondary control of it, but you are giving it up at the same time.

I doubt that that is what most American patriots are aiming for.

No, the position of power in a trust is that of the Donor, and they have “presumed” you to be the Donor and intended Beneficiary of this trust that they have created “for” you. So take up the position of the Donor and tell them what you want done. Make it explicit and simple. I am an American and I am the presumed Donor of the trust and I wish it to be disgorged and liquidated in my favor. Settle any debts before the court and set me free.

See how simple that was? Or, alternatively, enter your own vacated Trust Court, reserved for the Donors as a condition of remedy to make all this crappola “legal”—– and directly nullify and set aside whatever nonsense the rats have offered to do to your estate.

Remember that I told you that they set up all these State Trusts in the wake of the Civil War? And they operated these things under names like Ohio State and Nevada State and Wisconsin State —- and just neglected to add the word “Trust” so that you wouldn’t know what was going on?

They should have called it what it was — Ohio State Trust, Nevada State Trust, Wisconsin State Trust — but they didn’t and they didn’t for a reason. Hiding the truth of what they’d done and hiding your position of power as the Presumed Donors of these trusts (or your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents position as “presumed” Donors) would have destroyed any secondary power they had as foreign executors de son tort.

So, no, children, you don’t want to ever claim to be foreign executors charged with the job of administering estates of “persons lost at sea”, whereabouts unknown. You want to stand there flatfooted as the long-lost “Presumed” Donor of your own estate, or, in the case of our States, the Lawful Inheritor thereof, and ream these self-satisfied crooks all the way to Banff and back.

Knowing who you are and who you aren’t, is the absolute key, both to your freedom and to control of your own assets.

Please stop tripping over your own feet? Stop issuing affidavits. Stop claiming to be executors of your own estates. Stop signing contracts— good faith agreements are what Americans use to conduct business. Stop looking to Constitutions to tell you much of anything about your status or history, because the Constitutions are 95% about your foreign Federal Employees and have precious little to do with you.

Virtually everything I have said here has been said before in multiple other articles, but the information isn’t getting out to the patriot community fast enough — with the result that thousands more Americans are suffering and going to jail and fiddling around and getting entangled in these identity scams, and being victimized by those who are pillaging these fraudulently constructed public trusts. Form up, fellows. See through it and put an end to it.

Impersonation of the New Mexico Assembly

Let it be known that the following websites are impersonating the New Mexico Assembly, Land & Soil Jurisdiction. Our website,, and Assembly are the only lawful Assembly in the New Mexico state. The New Mexico Assembly does not have at this time have any coordinators for any counties currently. Two former Assembly Members voted out as members and not in good standing with the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction, have sought to create and establish a new assembly of their own. Mr. James Osborne Holmes and Mr. Cipriano Roybal are not members of our lawful State Assembly.

The following websites should Cease and Desist:–petitions.html[0]=68.ARAUdw9i98-KN5dmQMIpV899KPn2mBA6P5kDhIk-mk7wvjwqyvTfKg5Ic5sNquzLg7o3wrRKXphcNm7eEMxqf0ayvmUks30nCTn2LyP3J34H-KdQ1jn6ly2ZzaTj2_jpf9azlBCNUkb1txnXJZSXKrZUqk3LjOg851eoKaidmOJQcUHiNxta57euPsCnjxT6NwuaU1rwaQ0M6OWe8tfaAEnX7lo

These websites are operating without the approval of the New Mexico Assembly. They were created by Cipriano Roybal and James Osborne Holmes.

Mr. Holmes continues to post private emails from our Assembly and other Members to his forum even though no one from this Assembly is on his forum. No one from our Assembly gave permission to have their personal emails or the New Mexico Assembly emails posted publicly and it is a violation of privacy.

A quote from his forum post:

No one who expresses any intent to overthrow the lawful government of any state of the union or who acts to replace our government of, for, and by The People with any structure by which the people are not in control is not welcome here.

This is the same man who is impersonating the New Mexico Assembly misleading people to believe that his forum is a part of

He has been asked to Cease and Desist from posing as the New Mexico Assembly.

Update: May 18, 2021:

Another website has emerged and continues to claim it is associated with New Mexico Assembly. This is false and the American National Assembly is in no way associated with the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

The following are screenshots of the American National Assembly which provides proof that regardless of our Cease and Desist they continue to use the New Mexico Assembly name in their websites.

Update: April 13, 2021:

We were contacted by Cipriano Roybal with a request to take down our Public Notice.

His request:

The American National Academy and New Mexico Assembly for Bernalillo County share the same address. Because the American National Academy is a 501 (c) 3 incorporated entity, it cannot be a part of the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction. As stated originally, Cease and Desist from Impersonating the New Mexico Assembly. From three websites owned and operated by Cipriano Roybal and and you’ll see that the addresses for the American National Academy and New Mexico Assembly for Bernalillo County are one in the same :

Update: March 31, 2021-

James Osborne Holmes refuses to Cease and Desist and has now added our New Mexico Assembly Members to his forum. He has added content from our website about the New Mexico Coordinators to his pretend forum and has made himself the coordinator of Santa Fe. Let it be known that no one from the New Mexico Assembly has voted to have James Osborne Holmes as the coordinator of Santa Fe. He continues to create his own assembly and adding content from The New Mexico Assembly website which was never sanctioned. No one from this Assembly gave James Osborne Holmes permission to add their personal information to his forum.

Final Enrollment of Post-Civil War States of the Union


By Anna Von Reitz

From: The American States Assembly and State Assembly Members of The United States of
America, our unincorporated Federation of States.

Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents:

  1. No American State Assembly is subject to any jurisdiction held by any international
    tribunal; our State Assemblies and these Several States they populate are sovereign physical
    entities and the only external performance contracts they hold are with the Pope, the Queen,
    and the Lord Mayor of London, not with the Reign of the Heavens Society nor any ill-informed
    adjunct organization dba “THE HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL INTERNATIONAL” pretending to have
    any authority or jurisdiction related to us;
  2. No Americans and no American States are subject to any foreign law or incorporated
    entity tribunal operating in global jurisdiction;
  3. The populations of our States of the Union are composed of living people and Lawful
    Persons, not HUMANS, so we neither address nor act upon HUMANS, that is, hue-mans, color
    of man, or more popularly, persons;
  4. Thus, neither our States, nor we, their Federation Government in International
    Jurisdiction, have imposed upon any entity, class of inhabitants, or foreign persons that could
    be described as “HUMANS” and we certainly owe no respect to any summons from any
    “TRIBUNAL” concerning itself with “HUMANS”;
  5. However, we do Notice your Organization for pernicious efforts to confuse yourselves
    and your franchises with us and our Government, including infringing upon our names; we
    order you to cease and desist these criminal activities and note that inland piracy —
    successful or not — is a hanging offense;
  6. Your crimes of infringement and acts of constructive fraud have now been exacerbated
    by offers of fraudulent court proceedings; again, cease and desist.
  7. The United States of America is the name of our unincorporated Federation of States. Any
    foreign incorporated entity proposing to use our Proper Name(s) for doing its own business is
    demonstrably a fraud creating malicious mischief and seeking to build upon former acts of
    piracy carried out by foreign governments acting in Breach of Trust and Contract.
  8. It is your choice whether or not you wish to act as HUMANS or as people, but as
    HUMANS are merely things and may be bought, sold, liquidated, or traded at will, we would
    highly recommend that people exercise their option to act as people, and forget about ever
    calling themselves HUMANS, claiming HUMAN RIGHTS, or subjecting themselves to anything
    called a HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL; we certainly won’t make that mistake.
  9. If you continue your activities in contravention of national and international law we will
    progressively prosecute your shell corporations and affiliated organizations and the
    individuals responsible for them.
    The United States of America — Unincorporated

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

Public Notice to Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Elected Officials and Bar Association Members

April 5, 2015

Take Notice: The Roman Curia created the concept of legal fictions– trusts, foundations, and other
corporations for good reasons– however, legal fictions can be misused. By Maxim of Law, those who
create are responsible for their creations. It follows that the Roman Curia is responsible for the proper
functioning of all corporations worldwide. As of September 1, 2013, Pope Francis declared all
corporations and corporate officers fully liable for their errors and omissions. This means you.

Also by Maxim of Law, there is no statute of limitation on fraud. Privately owned governmental
services corporations have been fraudulently passing themselves off as the “government of the United
States” since 1862. The longevity of this fraud in no way imbues it with authority. As an employee of
these corporations you have no public office and no public bond and no foreign state immunity.

Federal Law Enforcement Personnel— except U.S. Marshals: Your status is that of a Mall Cop acting
outside the Mall. You have no authority on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. You
are acting under color of law when addressing Citizens of the Continental United States “as if” they
were Citizens of the Federal United States. If you threaten any living inhabitant of the Continental
United States with a gun, taser, or other weapon, you can be hung as an inland pirate. If you remove
any livestock you can be hung as a cattle rustler. If you cause any harm, you can be sued without
limit. If you wear any uniform or display any badge or use any name or office designed to deceive or
project authority you do not have, you can be arrested for impersonating an officer.

You are acting in a purely private capacity and have only equal Civil Rights that may be withdrawn at
any time. You are also acting under Martial Law and may face extreme punishment for infractions
against the civilian populace. Acts of plunder, mortal violence, and mischaracterization of civilians as
combatants are all death penalty offenses.

U.S. Marshals are allowed full egress within the Continental United States so long as they are sworn
and acting as officers sworn to uphold the actual Constitution, are not acting deceptively, nor acting
outside their international jurisdiction while in pursuit of their duty protecting the U.S. Mail.

Lawyers, Judges, Court Clerks— When you address birthright Citizens of the Continental United States
in the foreign jurisdiction of the Federal United States or that of a Federal State, and deliberately
confuse living people with corporate franchises merely named after them, you commit personage. This
results in press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea, a crime outlawed
worldwide for 200 years. It is a recognized act of inland piracy and it carries the death penalty.
Mischaracterizing the identity or citizenship status of a birthright Citizen of the Continental United
States is also a crime under the Geneva Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3. It also carries the
Death Penalty.

Finally, no member of the Bar Association may sit upon the bench of any public court nor occupy any
public office of the Continental United States including Congress. The involvement of any Bar Member
automatically voids all proceedings pretending subject matter jurisdiction related to the actual land or
its assets—including the people of the Continental United States. The Titles of Nobility Amendment
adopted and ratified prior to the American Civil War has not been repealed.

The Federal United States and the Municipality of Washington, DC all operate under the auspices of the
United Nations and are signatories of the Universal Right of Self-Declaration. Anyone claiming to be a
Citizen of the Continental United States having a valid Birth Certificate must be treated as such. Any
debts or charges whatsoever related to vessels in commerce operated under his or her name by the
Federal United States, any Federal State, the Washington DC Municipality or the UNITED NATIONS
must be discharged according to Maxim of Law already cited: you are responsible for what you create.
The Federal United States and its Federal States have created numerous vessels in commerce merely
named after living Citizens of the Continental United States and styled in the form: John Quincy
Adams. The Washington DC Municipality has similarly indulged in this practice and created franchises
for itself named after living Citizens of the Continental United States styled in the form: JOHN QUINCY
ADAMS. Most recently the UNITED NATIONS has created public utilities and is operating them under
names styled as: JOHN Q. ADAMS.

The organizations that have created these franchises are completely, 100% liable for their debts and
obligations without exception and without recourse to claim upon the living people these franchises are
named after.
You may not presume that the living people have consensually agreed to be subjected to statutory
law. You may not presume that they consensually agreed to be obligated for the debts of any legal
fiction personas which have been created and named after them by Third Parties secretively operating
in a private capacity and merely claiming to represent the victims of this fraud.

This is your Due Notice that the living people inhabiting the Continental United States are presenting
themselves and may not be addressed as if they belong to, are responsible for, or indebted in behalf of
any legal fiction personas operated under their given names by any international corporation.
Any continuance of any such claims and repugnant practices will be deemed immediate cause to
liquidate the American Bar Association as a criminal syndicate and to deport its members from our
shores. International action is underway to secure the assets and credit owed to the victims.
Please read, research, and do your own due diligence. You are fully responsible for obeying the Public
Law of the Continental United States including Revised Statute 2165 and The Constitution. Please
respect the established jurisdictions of air, land, and sea— and be aware that you may be arrested
and fined or worse for failure to do so.

Issued this fifth day of April 2015, Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court.
Here are the Orders by Pope Francis that ALL “public officials” that are under the jurisdiction of the
Vatican City State do no longer have Immunity for the crimes they commit, Primarily Judges in
America which includes the BAR Association.

Public Notice to All Federal Employees and Agency Personnel Including IRS/Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Personnel

Public Notice Provided to All Federal Employees and
Agency Personnel Including IRS/Internal Revenue
Service and Treasury Personnel:

Social Security Numbers can only be issued to federal “employees” /
“citizens” for use only in the performance of their official duties. See 20
CFR §422.104. SSN’s used as TIN’s apply to the same Persons/PERSONS.
That is, only federal Persons (Territorials) or PERSONS (Municipals) can be issued
Social Security Account Numbers/TIN’s and that is the way it has always been,
FDR and the Federal WWII Era Congress got around this and included millions of
patriotic Americans by conscripting “volunteers” who agreed to pay federal income
taxes as a “Victory Tax”. They did this by arbitrarily defining such voluntary
taxpayers as Withholding Agents— Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marines.
The Victory Tax was supposed to sunset upon the “cessation of hostilities”, however,
in September of 1945, Congress conveniently forgot to put a specific end date on
this arrangement and the Internal Revenue Service continued to collect –thus
changing this from a voluntary arrangement to help win the war– to an international
extortion racket.
This is your reminder that the Second World War hostilities ended in September of
Any American “volunteer” who isn’t actually and naturally eligible for Social Security
and who wishes to “retire” from the presumption of federal service and who revokes
their election to pay federal taxes must be immediately set free and permanently
released from any obligation to report, to pay, or accept responsibility for any federal
Person/PERSON, and cannot otherwise be encumbered, imposed upon, or subjected
by any agency or department of the federal territorial or municipal government (s).
Compulsory “citizenship” does not exist.
Those who have “retired” after becoming vested in the Social Security System as a
result of this abuse are owed all their money back and/or all services promised at the
time of their enrollment with no presumption of continued federal citizenship or its
obligations attaching to them.
The continued issuance of Social Security Numbers to people who aren’t actually
federal employees and either United States Citizens or citizens of the United States is
illegal entrapment under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit; it results in
mischaracterization of political status, involuntary servitude, identity theft, unlawful
conversion of assets and other evils of racketeering committed against Americans
who have been deliberately misinformed and told that they have to enroll in Social
Security as a requirement of having a job—-any job.
Enrollment in Social Security is only required if they happen to be seeking direct
employment with the federal government or are otherwise legitimately considered
federal government dependents—verifiable political asylum seekers, etc.
Those born in one of the actual states of the Union who retire from such
employment, including military employment, or who, owing no natural allegiance to
the Territorial or Municipal governments, and having never been employed by the
federal government(s), simply realize these facts and revoke their “election” to pay
federal income taxes and cease thereafter to function as voluntary Withholding
Agents must be set free from the presumption of any further territorial or municipal
A similar entrapment occurs when American State Citizens are encouraged to vote in
federal and federated state/county elections. When they “register” to vote, they
unknowingly give up their rights as stockholders and electors — an undisclosed loss
— and they become “enfranchised” as presumed operators of federal corporation
franchises. This sleight-of-hand conversion of Americans from electors into mere
voters again serves to mischaracterize them and defraud them and subject them and
deprive them of their natural birth right and material interests at the hands of people
who are in fact their employees.
As none of these losses and obligations are ever fully disclosed no valid private
contract can be alleged and any American who subsequently rescinds a voter
registration must be removed from all registration data bases and held harmless
from any presumption of federal enfranchisement.
Let’s just use this one small example of the Big Lie federal employees have been told
and that they have been enforcing upon others…..continuing from (1) quoting from
Christopher Chapman now:
Ҥ422.104. Who can be assigned a social security number.
(a) Persons eligible for SSN assignment. We can assign you a social security number
if you meet the evidence requirements in §422.107 and you are:
(1) A United States citizen; or
(2) An alien lawfully admitted to the United States….
Let’s examine the definition of United States (U.S.) used in Title 26 to see if average
Americans who are not employed by the federal government are a citizens of the
In most statutes (statute law) the Unites States referred to is federal territory, just
as it is in Title 26—- i.e.:
26 U.S. Code § 7701 – Definitions
(9) United States
The term “United States” when used in a geographical sense includes only the States
and the District of Columbia.
(10) State —-The term “State” shall be construed to include the District of
Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out provisions of this title.
The term “State” exposes the truth that term “United States” means the District of
Columbia and no other.
Let us review, specifically the history of the evolution of this term
The code of Federal Regulation is very definitive by using the word “its”, in lieu of,
Title 26 CFR § 1.1-1(a)(1) provides, in pertinent part:
(1) Section 1 of the [Internal Revenue] Code imposes an income tax on the income
of every individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States ….
(c) Who is a citizen. Every person born or naturalized in the United States and
subject and subject to its [District of Columbia] jurisdiction is a citizen.
The 1939 Code through 1954 the definition of “State”:
IRC 1954:
Alaska is a U.S. Territory
Hawaii is a U.S. Territory
· 7701 (a) (10): The term “State” shall be construed to include the Territories and
the District of Colombia, where such construction is necessary to carry out the
provisions of this title.
Alaska joins the Union, strikeout “Territories” and substitute “Territory of Hawaii”:
Revision 1:
Alaska is a State of the Union
Hawaii is a U.S. Territory
7701 (a) (10): The term “State” shall be construed to include the Territory of Hawaii
and the District of Colombia, where such construction is necessary to carry out the
provisions of this title.
Hawaii joins the Union, strikeout “the Territory of Hawaii and” immediately after the
word “include”:
Revision 2
Alaska is a State of the Union
Hawaii is a State of the Union
· 7701 (a) (10): The term “State” shall be construed to include the District of
Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out provisions of this title.
Notice how Alaska and Hawaii only fit these definitions of [Territorial] “State” before
they were declared to be States of the United States of America, and now are hereby
admitted into the Union on equal footing with the original States, in all respects
whatsoever.[emphasis added]
Let’s examine some court cases that further solidifies this subject:

Before the 14th amendment [sic] in 1868:
A citizen of any one of the States of the union, is held to be, and called a citizen of
the United States, although technically and abstractly there is no such thing. To
conceive a citizen of the United States who is not a citizen of some one of the States,
is totally foreign to the idea, and inconsistent with the proper construction and
common understanding of the expression as used in the Constitution, which must be
deduced from its various other provisions. The object then to be attained, by the
exercise of the power of naturalization, was to make citizens of the respective
States. [Ex Parte Knowles, 5 Cal. 300 (1855)] [bold emphasis added]
It is true, every person, and every class and description of persons, who were at the
time of the adoption of the Constitution recognized as citizens in the several States,
became also citizens of this new political body; but none other; it was formed by
them, and for them and their posterity, but for no one else. And the personal rights
and privileges guarantied [sic] to citizens of this new sovereignty were intended to
embrace those only who were then members of the several state communities, or
who should afterwards, by birthright or otherwise, become members, according to
the provisions of the Constitution and the principles on which it was founded. [Dred
Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. 393, 404 (1856)] [emphasis added]
… [F]or it is certain, that in the sense in which the word “Citizen” is used in the
federal Constitution, “Citizen of each State,” and “Citizen of the United States,” are convertible terms; they mean the same thing; for “the Citizens of each State are entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States,” and “Citizens of the United States” are, of course, Citizens of all the United
States. [44 Maine 518 (1859), Hathaway, J. dissenting][italics in original, underlines & C’s added] As it was the adoption of the Constitution by the Conventions of nine States that established and created the United States, it is obvious there could not then have
existed any person who had been seven years a citizen of the United States, or who possessed the Presidential qualifications of being thirty-five years of age, a natural born citizen, and fourteen years a resident of the United States. The
United States* in these provisions, means the States united. To be twenty-five years of age, and for seven years to have been a citizen of one of the States which ratifies the Constitution, is the qualification of a representative. To be a natural borncitizen of one of the States which shall ratify the Constitution, or to be a citizen of one of said States at the time of such ratification, and to have attained the age of thirty-five years, and to have been fourteen years a resident within one of the said States, are the Presidential qualifications, according to the true meaning of the Constitution. [People v. De La Guerra, 40 Cal. 311, 337 (1870)] [bold and underline emphasis added] After the 14th amendment [sic] in 1868: It is quite clear, then, that there is a citizenship of the United States and a
citizenship of a State, which are distinct from each other and which depend upon
different characteristics or circumstances in the individual. [Slaughter House Cases,
83 U.S. 36] [(1873) emphasis added]
The first clause of the fourteenth amendment made negroes citizens of the United
States, and citizens of the State in which they reside, and thereby created two classes of citizens, one of the United States and the other of the state. [Cory et al.
v. Carter, 48 Ind. 327][(1874) headnote 8, emphasis added]
We have in our political system a Government of the United States** and a
government of each of the several States.Each one of these governments is distinct
from the others, and each has citizens of its own ….[U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S.
542] [(1875) emphasis added]
One may be a citizen of a State and yet not a citizen of the United States.
Thomasson v. State, 15 Ind. 449; Cory v. Carter, 48 Ind. 327 (17 Am. R. 738);
McCarthy v. Froelke, 63 Ind. 507; In Re Wehlitz, 16 Wis. 443. [McDonel v. State, 90
Ind. 320, 323][(1883) underlines added]
A person who is a citizen of the United States** is necessarily a citizen of the
particular state in which he resides. But a person may be a citizen of a particular
state and not a citizen of the United States. To hold otherwise would be to deny to the state the highest exercise of its sovereignty, — the right to declare who are its citizens.[State v. Fowler, 41 La. Ann. 380] [6 S. 602 (1889), emphasis added] The first clause of the fourteenth amendment of the federal Constitution made negroes citizens of the United States, and citizens of the state in which they
reside, and thereby created two classes of citizens, one of the United States** and
the other of the state.
[4 Dec. Dig. ’06, p. 1197, sec. 11]
[“Citizens” (1906), emphasis added]
There are, then, under our republican form of government,two classes of citizens,
one of the United States** and one of the state. One class of citizenship may exist in
a person, without the other, as in the case of a resident of the District of Columbia;
but both classes usually exist in the same person.[Gardina v. Board of Registrars,
160 Ala. 155]
[48 S. 788, 791 (1909), emphasis added]
There is a distinction between citizenship of the United States** and citizenship of a
particular state, and a person may be the former without being the latter.
[Alla v. Kornfeld, 84 F.Supp. 823] [(1949) headnote 5, emphasis added]
A person may be a citizen of the United States** and yet be not identified or
identifiable as a citizen of any particular state.[Du Vernay v. Ledbetter] [61 So.2d
573, emphasis added]
… citizens of the District of Columbia were not granted the privilege of litigating in
the federal courts on the ground of diversity of citizenship. Possibly no better reason
for this fact exists than such citizens were not thought of when the judiciary article
[III] of the federal Constitution was drafted. … citizens of the United States** …
were also not thought of; but in any event a citizen of the United States**, who is
not a citizen of any state, is not within the language of the [federal] Constitution.
[Pannill v. Roanoke, 252 F. 910, 914] [emphasis added]
That there is a citizenship of the United States and a citizenship of a state, and the
privileges and immunities of one are not the same as the other is well established by
the decisions of the courts of this country. [Tashiro v. Jordan, 201 Cal. 236 (1927)]
No fortifying authority is necessary to sustain the proposition that in the United
States a double citizenship exists. A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the
Federal Government and at the same time a citizen of the State in which he resides.
Determination of what is qualified residence within a State is not here necessary.
Suffice it to say that one possessing such double citizenship owes allegiance and is
entitled to protection from each sovereign to whose jurisdiction he is subject.
[Kitchens v. Steele, 112 F.Supp. 383 (USDC/WDMO 1953)]
The privileges and immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects very
few rights because it neither incorporates any of the Bill of Rights nor protects all
rights of individual citizens. See Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. (16 Wall.) 36, 21
L.Ed. 394 (1873). Instead, this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being
a citizen of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to
state citizenship.
[Jones v. Temmer, 829 F.Supp. 1226 (USDC/DCO 1993)]” unquote Christopher
In conclusion….
Attacking Americans who are not obligated in any way to pay federal income taxes,
and certainly not obligated to pay “municipal” taxes merely disguised more generally
as “federal” taxes, is against the law, both statutory and Public. Coercing exempt
persons and/or denying their claim of exemption is a criminal act of extortionate
racketeering and inland piracy.
There are American state nationals (people who live as non-federal, non-citizens)
and American State Citizens (who occupy public offices of the land jurisdiction
states). These are distinctly different groups within one Body Politic which is foreign
to the “United States” as defined in Title 26 and throughout Federal Code.
None of them are naturally liable to pay federal income taxes and none of them are
subject to territorial or municipal law. The sooner IRS employees become fully
acquainted with these facts and the limitations of their powers and jurisdictions with
respect to these Americans, the better for everyone involved.
These facts are unwritten by the most fundamental principles giving rise to the
government of this country. Please note the following:
The limited and exclusive power of legislation conferred on the Congress and the
geographic authority of these powers is summed up by these controlling sections of
the actual Constitution:
“power of personal and subject-matter legislation throughout the Union and upon the
high seas at Art, I, § 8, cl. 1-16;
“power of territorial, personal, and subject-matter legislation over (what will be) the
District of Columbia at Art, I, § 8, cl. 17; and
“constructive (implied) power of territorial, personal, and subject-matter legislation
at Art. IV, § 3, cl. 2 in the form of ‘Rules and Regulations,’ id., ‘respecting the
Territory or other Property belonging to the United States,’ id., i.e., federal territories
and enclaves.
Please note that the Constitution confers upon Congress no power of territorial
legislation over any person or property anywhere in the Union.
Unless a person is naturally and/or truly voluntarily subject to the Territorial “United
States” defined as the District of Columbia in Title 26, they cannot be subjected as a
Municipal citizen, either; and Congress has no delegated legislative power allowing it
to usurp its territorial or municipal authority upon the actual states and people
Read that as—-no means no. There’s a difference between consensual sex and
When people born on the land of one of the actual organic states claim their nonterritorial, non-municipal, non-citizen political status and give evidence of the same
intention by issuing an Act of Expatriation from the presumption of Territorial
citizenship, and the surrender of the Municipal PERSON issued to them back to the
Secretary of the Treasury, and otherwise give Notice of their revocation of election to
pay federal income taxes or to otherwise subject themselves and their assets to any
territorial or municipal code, that decision must be respected and adhered to by all
agents of the territorial and municipal government without question or exception.
You can tax actual federal territorial and municipal employees all you like. You can
tax political asylum seekers and immigrants. You can tax people who are knowingly
and voluntarily officers and employees of federally chartered corporations.
What you cannot do is to blindly assume that the existence of a Social Security
Number and Masterfile Account establishes any valid basis for presuming (1) the
political status of any individual or (2) any basis for assuming and assessing federal
tax liabilities or other merely presumed obligations.
This circumstance is the result of self-interested mismanagement of federal agencies
and departments for several generations. It derives from wholesale distribution of
Social Security Numbers and accounts by the Social Security Administration without
respect for the limitations imposed by the actual law and without full disclosure to
applicants. It derives from purposeful efforts of the Congress to receive income from
Americans under false pretenses—the presumption that they are knowingly and
willingly acting as “volunteer” Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marine Service. Most
of all, it results from widespread ignorance among Revenue Agents, federal program
administrators, and the general public.
All federal employees, all federal Territorial and Municipal citizens, all federal
program administrators and managers need to be fully cognizant of these facts and
you are encouraged to share them with your staff, your domestic judicial officers,
your family and your friends.
Federal service is meant to be an honorable occupation worthy of respect and
support, but when it devolves to purposeful racketeering against the people this
same service is meant to serve, prosecution and conflict is the inevitable result.
It is important for federal employees –especially revenue agents and federal
territorial and municipal judicial officers— to realize that when they misapply the law
and contribute to these self-interested confusions they are committing serious crimes
of racketeering, unlawful conversion of assets, inland piracy, personage, and barratry
against their employers and benefactors. These international crimes against
Americans have been promoted by the federal governmental services corporations
under a pretense of war and wartime necessity. It is therefore necessary to also
address this claim.
The Territorial aka “Federal” Government was created in 1868 in the wake of what is
misleadingly called the “American Civil War” upon the release of the so-called
Federal Constitution. This document, the “Constitution of the United States of
America” presents articles of incorporation for a corporation doing business as the
“United States of America” cleverly disguised via similar names deceit to resemble
the actual Constitution.
Please note that the actual constitution is: “The Constitution for the united States of
America”, not “the Constitution of the United States of America”. And both these
documents are different from the municipal constitution called the “Constitution of
the United States”.
This conflict, the so-called “Civil War” was in fact an illegal commercial mercenary
conflict taking place on our shores. It was never declared by any action of the united
States of America in Congress Assembled, and it was never resolved by any peace
treaty. Instead, President Johnson declared peace on the land jurisdiction via three
public declarations creating a binding contract mandating peace—once again
underscoring the fact that this was a commercial mercenary action and no form of
actual “war” at all.
Ever since then there has been no sovereign government invoked and no competent
land jurisdiction Congress of the actual states of the Union has been convened. As a
result, all so-called “wars” have instead been commercial mercenary actions carried
out by corporations and/or internal domestic police actions.
Read that as: Congress has no “war powers”. “War” has specific requirements and
definitions under international law, and twist and turn as they might, the members of
Congress— as that body has operated since 1860 —cannot declare actual war or
take refuge in any claim of war powers or any doctrine of necessity with respect to
the actual states and people of the Union. What began as a fraudulent and illegal
commercial mercenary action remains a fraudulent and illegal commercial mercenary
action subject to prosecution as fraud.
It should surprise nobody that the actions of Congress seeking to enrich itself and to
usurp against the lawful government of the actual United States by bolstering its
territorial hegemony and deceptively terming it the [territorial] “United States” as
seen in Title 26, is conceived in fraud and word-smithing and similar names deceits
going back six generations.
All Territorial (States of States) and Municipal (STATES OF STATES) are merely
franchises of self-interested federal commercial corporations. They have no vested
authority related to the American states and people and have fraudulently usurped
upon the jurisdiction and property assets of their employers.
Without the ability to engage in actual war these various commercial corporations
have rampaged around under false pretenses and have criminally trespassed on the
Americans they are supposed to provide with “essential government services”. They
have also caused a great deal of trouble throughout the rest of the world.
As federal employees and as citizens of the Territorial and Municipal “United States”
it is very important for you to become fully aware of the limitations of your position
of limited delegated authority and the substantially unfavorable circumstances
created by these past actions, events, and public policies espoused by these various
incorporated entities.
You should also know that there is no “state” immunity available to invoke as
protection against your actions as employees of commercial corporations and in most
cases, your offices are not properly insured or bonded. The sovereign government of
this country is vested entirely in the American people and their jural assemblies at
both the county and state levels. Their states are the only ones enjoying sovereign
This Public Notice is provided in the interest of avoiding unnecessary conflicts
between Americans and their federal employees.
All legal presumptions regarding political status based on the existence of Social
Security Numbers and Masterfile Accounts are being based on insupportable
evidences obtained under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit and
implemented via the purposeful World War II Victory Tax circumvention of the actual
law pertaining to the issuance of Social Security Numbers.
Such presumptions of federal territorial or federal municipal citizenship cannot be
maintained in the face of direct objection and reasonable proof of revocation by
American state nationals and American State Citizens.
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents
The American States and People
c/o 1336 Staubbach Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Notice of Political Status and Situation Report

By Anna Von Reitz

First of October 2019

Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Secretary of Defense, Dr. Mark T. Esper
1000 Defense, Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301 -1000

Dear Sirs:
This letter brings to your urgent attention the fact that literally millions of American civilians have been
misidentified by your respective offices. The content of this letter is being broadcast to approximately
65 million Witnesses worldwide, so there is no purpose in claiming that you never received this
information. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

Millions of Americans have been falsely presumed to be some species of Federal United States citizen
engaged in a commercial mercenary conflict on our shores, when in fact they are non-combatant Third
Parties and are actually your Employers. They are State Citizen Parties to all three Federal
Constitutions and are owed your Good Faith Service and every jot of every Constitutional Guarantee.
These people have suffered mechanized and institutionalized identity theft and genocide on paper while
your Predecessors partied it up in Washington, DC, and racked up Odious Debt against our purloined
credit. We are putting a stop to it, Gentlemen, and you are going to help us put a stop to it.
Millions of American civilians have been deprived of their property rights using deliberately
constructed fraud schemes administered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the
Social Security Administration, the Office of the Secretary of State, the Office of the Secretary of
Defense, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of the Secretary of the United States
Treasury, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Banking and Securities Commissions, States of States
franchise organizations, Bureaus of Vital Statistics, the unauthorized Department of Justice, and
associated organizations.
This is the single greatest crime against a civilian population in world history, and it has all come to a
head on your watch.
My husband and I have notified you and your Predecessors eight times in 20 years that we are
American State Nationals who may at our discretion act as American State Citizens: non-combatant
civilians native to the States of this country. Both definitions, American State National and American
State Citizen, are recognized in your own Federal Code at 8 USC 1101 (a) 21 and 8 USC 1101 (a) 22.

Amazingly, it appears that your offices have lost our Prior Notices —- again, and neither one of
you know a thing about what we are telling you.
So we shall be sending you another set of wet-ink Notices of Political Status signed under penalty of
perjury for Anna Maria Riezinger (and all variations, permutations, abbreviations and punctuations of
that name) and for James Clinton Belcher (and all variations, permutations, abbreviations, and
punctuations of that name) via Registered Mail and we shall be standing ready to produce our mailing
receipts and records detailing the same correspondence going back to 1998 plus additional evidence of
the fraud against us, only this time, we are instituting a new system of publication for such Notices so
that they are Published in Public and available for anyone, including your offices, at any time.
It has proven to be too convenient for your Offices to lose or misplace our Notices and other records, so
we are forming a permanent International Land Recording Office for these Notices of Political
Status and other documents. These new International Land Recording Offices will function in tandem
with our State Assemblies and will be held under the authority and jurisdiction of The United States
of America, our unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776.
A new alpha numeric ID system will also be put in place. Each eligible American civilian will be
issued an independent identifier, instead of Social Security Numbers and other identifiers which have
been used as part of the fraud against us.
These new designated Unique Living Being (ULB) identifiers will be the private property of the people
using them and will have both public and private interfaces. These will be used to identify the political
status of the users and other basic information about them, and will in turn be used by them to identify
their private property.
This will enable all members of the military and foreign privatized law enforcement agents and foreign
court administrators to recognize American civilians and their private property at a glance, so that they
can easily avoid trespassing upon us and avoid making inappropriate presumptions and assumptions
about our political status, about our rights and about any obligation or lack of obligation of juridical
persons attached to our names for administrative purposes in foreign jurisdictions.
You are to assume from this moment onward that you are surrounded by approximately 200 million
American civilians who have been the victims of organized crime perpetuated against them by their
own employees — foreign subcontractors acting in Gross Breach of Trust.
You are to assume from this moment onward that your duty – your only actual duty – is to protect and
defend these abused Americans, and from now on competently administer the trust which these people
have placed in you. Corroborating correspondence to follow shortly. Any and all claims against our
Public Insurance for bankrupt corporations chartered “for” us are to be refused and referred to former
Prince Philip and Pope Francis.
Justice Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska [99652]

“Tax Processing Centers” – Public Warning Notice – Demand for Action

The latest in a long line of Tax Frauds committed by the US Territorial and Municipal US “Government”
corporations is on the way.

I am referring to the advent of “Tax Processing Centers” — these bogus private operations are
springing up all over the country and forewarned is forearmed.
What appears in your mail is one of those particularly irritating letters that are glued together around
the edges and that you have to deconstruct very carefully to avoid tearing.
These missives are addressed to Municipal Public Transmitting Utilities — names that appear in ALL
CAPS — and use what appear-to-be Middle Initials, but without a period to designate it as such.
Observe the form of the NAME: JOHN M DOE. The names being used now are also devoid of hyphens
or other punctuation: LINDA A SMYTHE ANDERSON, instead of Linda A. Smythe-Anderson.
Their first dodge will be to announce that a “Federal” Tax Lien has been established on your property,
usually at some time in the past. This will be big news to you and you will, of course, be frightened.
When you run down to the Recording District you will find that yes, indeed, a mammoth Tax Lien has
been filed against your property. And I do mean a Big tax lien — often ten times the value of the
property, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of “tax lien” that just appears out of the
blue sky.

This is because the STATE OF COLORADO, for example, is being bankrupted as a franchise of the
Instead of paying their taxes all these years, they have claimed exemption as a government entity,
only to have it discovered that they were operating as commercial corporations and therefore not
eligible for exemption.

Oh, my. So, their tax debts are being passed in domino fashion to their “presumed” Secondary CoSigners — JOHN M DOE and LINDA A SMYTHE ANDERSON.
None of this has anything to do with any American State National or American State Citizen, but we
are being dunned just the same.

Your options are: (A) join the party and file for bankruptcy protection along with the rest of the rats,
submit yourself to the tender mercies of the bankruptcy court, have the black mark of bankruptcy
against your name, and hope to survive with your home, $8000 worth of personal assets, and one
car per family; or (B) get on your broomstick and beat the politicians and the Queen and the Pope
responsible for this situation with your pens and your law suits and your commercial claims until they
decide that, perhaps, this isn’t the way to do business after all. Scream bloody murder and share the
news with everyone you know, or (C) do what we have been telling you to do all along, and after you
have joined your State Assembly, see your State Coordinator about National Credit Redemption.

In order to make their scheme “legal” they had to provide for remedy and we have found it. The bad
news is that the system supporting the effort is so old, unkempt, secretive, and rickety that moths fly
out of the record books and everything concerned with redeeming the credit we are owed is painfully
slow. Think: sloths on vacation, even though, to be fair, the IRS workers in charge are slaving away
and doing their best.

It is a priority assignment for everyone reading this to send letters to everyone they can think of
involved in the Government Corporations — “US” Senators, Congressmen, President Trump, the US
Attorney General, the UN General Secretary, the Queen, the Pope, and everyone in between —
demanding a modern National Credit Redemption Program and a special Credit Card to be issued to
qualified American State Nationals — the only Parties to whom such Redemption is officially owed.
This Card is to be used to pay off mortgages, tax debts, medical bills, college loans, auto loans, and
utility bills.

Once issued, the Cards can be used by the State Coordinators and others to pay off these debts for
friends, neighbors, and others in our communities who are in need regardless of their political status.
It’s our Credit. Until the whole system is updated into the modern age, we are stuck using rubber
stamps and registered mail and daily firefights with confused IRS Agents who know nothing —
absolutely nothing — about the National Credit.

Those of us who have teeth are taking a bite out of the backsides of the perpetrators and demanding
action and broad spectrum correction and are holding back our own claims to protect seniors and
others who are losing their homes as a result of this impersonation fraud and the slower-thanmolasses-in January response curve. Those in urgent need, need to come first. Those who aren’t
being billed yet need to stand down and hang on and tough it out until we prevail upon the
perpetrators to modernize delivery and release the National Credit.
And everyone needs to “Bang a Gong” — loudly enough that they can hear it in Whitehall and Saint

The next scam is a “Warrant of Distraint”.
Now a “Distraint Warrant” (as opposed to a “Warrant of Distraint”) is a peculiar warrant used in the
United Kingdom for the collection of tax debts.
Are we in the United Kingdom?

No, didn’t think so. And the rats in Whitehall who think we are in the United Kingdom need a fire lit
under their tails to inform them that our generosity does not extend to “gifting” them with our
continent and our National Credit.

What these scam artist Tax Processing Centers are sending out is a “Warrant of Distraint” — a bogus
“simulation of legal process” that so far as I know exists only in Montana and is enforceable only with
respect to “County of __” organizations.

Along with this completely horse-hockey Notice they announce their intention to levy your bank
accounts and cause other trouble until the above referenced tax liens are paid in full. Oh, lovely. We
have scam artists making up bogus tax liens and then going around to ignorant local banks and
levying bank accounts based on this manure.

Everyone have your pitchforks and bonfires ready? See why the perpetrators needed 25,000 one
gallon canisters of cyanide and 30,000 guillotines to kill their Priority Creditors? American Military,
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mr. Trump….. UN Secretary General, Pope Francis, Lizzy?

If you don’t want to be identified as the criminals in this story, you’d better get busy and release the
$950 trillion in “Life Force Value Annuities” Prince Philip collected in Canada —- most of which
belongs to us, and you also need to start paying out the National Credit.

If you look at the Return Address for these “Tax Processing Centers” you will see that: (1) there isn’t
a real Return Address. All it says is “Tax Processing Center” and then the name of your town and
state. The only contact is a telephone number, and if you call it, a scam artist will be waiting on the
other end, telling you how they are going to “help” you out of whatever they can skin you for. (2)
The Return Address does reveal (in tiny type) that it is for “Private Mail Only” — it’s not a government
publication, it’s not a government organization, it’s a private commercial debt collection based on
totally false presumptions being carried out by criminal subcontractors of the US Bankruptcy
Trustees, and they all need to be arrested and have their rumps permanently resettled on their

As I have said many times, this is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of crime. Those crimes
include impersonation, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, constructive fraud, inland piracy, collusion,
barratry, identity theft, collusion, false claims in commerce, credit fraud, press-ganging, conspiracy
against the Constitutions, commandeering of Public Vessels, securities fraud, and more.
If the perps don’t want to be permanently recognized as nothing but sleazy criminals and outlaws
deserving a noose, it’s well-past time that they took action and directed the enforcement of the
actual Public Law we are owed and did their jobs to protect us.

They can begin with closing down the “Tax Processing Centers” and expediting the removal of all
these fictitious “Tax Liens” and ceasing and desisting all other attempts to collect debts that don’t
exist. They can also shut down the “US Bankruptcy Trustees” on a permanent basis and nationalize
the banks that have been colluding with this foreign agenda on our shores.

We call upon our traditional Allies and the People of the world to join in the Housecleaning that is so
obviously required; let it be peaceful, effective, and understood by everyone involved.
If you receive one of these bogus letters, open it and copy its contents front and back, and take it to
your local Sheriff and the Territorial State Police and the District Attorney and the State Attorney
General and the Governor and whomever else you can contact and swear out a criminal complaint
demanding that these “Centers” be located and the perpetrators arrested for violations including:

Combined MUNICIPAL and Territorial Notices
of Violation(s) and Failure(s) to Perform
NOTICE OF CLAIM of “sole relief and remedy” under Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e) of 2012 and
Notice of Violation of Lanham Act — attempted attachment and seizure of Unregistered Trademarks;
Title 15, Section 1125 (a)and 11.
Notice of Violation of Admiralty, Maritime and Prize Cases, Title 28, Section 1331 (1) and (2) and
Notice of Violation of Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States, Title 18
Section 7 (1), (3), (8) and (13).
Notice of Violation of The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of Title 39, Sections 1-908 and
Notice of Violation by Presumption of the Public Vessels Act, 46 U.S.C.A. Appendix Sections 781-790
as originally enacted.
Notice of Violation of The False Claims Act, Title 31 U.S.C.A. Section 3729 (a) and (7).
Notice of Violation of The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Title 28, Sections 1602-1611.

Notice of Violation of the United States Statutes-at-Large, Title 12, Section 411.
Notice of Administrative Failure by the IRS/Internal Revenue Service for Failure to Produce Mutual
Offset Credit Exchange Vouchers and Instructions, failure to validate Proof of Claim as required by the
Administrative Procedures Act, failure to provide remedy required by the Emergency Banking Act, and
the United States Statutes-at-Large.
The Scammers responsible may claim that you violated Federal Mail Statutes by opening mail that
wasn’t “really” addressed to you, but bear in mind, that the entity being addressed doesn’t really
exist, and if you have done your homework and have recorded your Certificate of Assumed Names,
you have control of any and every Name or NAME associated with you and your assets, including any
“permutation, ordering, variation, style, or punctuation” of your names.
Time to settle this, folks; dig down to the bottom of it and throw it back in the laps of the greedy
criminals responsible.
Feel free to distribute this Public Warning Notice to all and any local, state, national, and international
peacekeeping officials and law enforcement officers, all politicians, all corporate officers, all bank
officers, all agencies including the IRS/Internal Revenue Service, and any actual news agencies in
your communities.

White Hats — land this one on the President’s Desk.

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