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The Assembly Process

Please Notice

  1. A Summoning Authority calls the States into Session. There are currently three (3) such authorities — (1) a Committee of Quorum representing at least nine (9) State Assembly Chairmen; (2) The President of The United States of America; (3) the Head of State who issues the Great Seals and keeps the Flags.

2. Some functions of the Assembly Process have to happen in sequence, some can or naturally do happen in tandem.

3. Assemblies are in one of three conditions at all times: (1) recessed (not in session); (2) in Session; or (3) in Full Session. Right now, all Assemblies are “in Session” but not yet all in “Full Session”.

4. Traditionally, American State Assemblies met only once a year in the winter after the Christmas holidays, addressed their business, and went home. The elected Officials and Officers “maintained the Session”, that is, kept the Minutes and other Records, until the next Session. All elected Officials and appointed Officers made up the Standing Committee.

5. The Coordinator(s)then known as “CircuitRiders” were trained and hired to post Public Notices, arrange meetings, set meeting times and places, and assist in organizing the Assemblies at both the State and County levels. Counties met on a monthly basis. They held elections in the autumn to determine local deputies to attend the State Assembly Session.

6. All elected Assembly Officials and Officers are sworn deputies—not representatives. A deputy is an agent of the people who elected him and is accountable for his performance. A deputy functions under The Prudent Man Rule and is not, for example, allowed to spend money recklessly or to endanger the public welfare in any way. Deputies may be recalled at will by the Assemblies that elected them. No arduous recall petition process is required. The affected Assembly votes to recall them and that is that.

7. In the time period between 1790 and 1850 there was a Published Assembly Schedule in most States, which like a calendar or telephone book, was passed out once a year and published by the Standing Committee. After 1850 there was an effort to standardize the meeting schedules so that all the State Assemblies and County Assemblies were meeting on the same schedule, but this proved unpopular, as seasonal work schedules were different in Maine than in Florida.

8. Today, we are starting from scratch, except for those records, offices, and traditions we have inherited. We are still discovering more about the operations and structures of our American Government as it is meant to be. Our State Assemblies are the vital means to operate our Government while we restore both the Confederation and Federal Republic to full function.

3-31-21 Coordinator role, States and Counties

Union of Counties
March 31, 2021 Coordinator Role, States and Counties


-Facilitate and organize the structure of the American Government in the state

-Assemblies are not 12 step help groups: Tickets, court issues, IRS, liens are not a Coordinators job description

-Coordinators are employed volunteers for Federation of States; Facilitate and organize the American Government in their State

-Coordinator Handbook

2706. Coordinator’s Handbook — Chapter One

• “New Coordinators need to learn the “Bottom Up” structure and spirit of our actual government”

Body Politic, governmental structure in your State
• Definitions: Each State Assembly consists of one (1) Body Politic composed of all

declared State Nationals and State Citizens living within the boundaries of each State.


General Assembly – Interstate Business

• The General Assembly provides a discussion and decision forum for intrastate business and acts as a Committee-of-the-Whole (no business, no products, no income)

New Mexico Public Assembly is the current Body Politic in New Mexico

• Dual Citizen State Nationals, 100% State Nationals

• Discuss Assembly news, recruiting of position, finance update, New Mexico Assembly yearly plan

• Anna’s articles, publications

• US Citizens do not attend

• Do not provide counsel on personal problems, court matters etc

• Focus on Assembly related business

US Citizens are engaged by Coordinators and Recording Secretaries.

3 Criteria for Assembly Meetings

• Posted in advance

• Adoption of Rules of Order/Bevin’s Decision for the conduct of meetings

• Publication of an Agenda at least a week prior to all regularly scheduled meetings is also highly recommended

Chapter 1 identifies 3 Assemblies

General Assembly- Interstate Business

Business Assembly- State Citizens who vote on the international and interstate business

Assembly Militias- All able-bodied members of the Assembly, ages of 21-65 are expected to actively support their militia, either as active militia or acting in support, supply, communications, and administrative positions

-Committee of Safety in Militia Assembly

Jural Assembly- Special Meetings organized by the active members of the Jural Assembly, qualified Jurors, able to serve on both the Grand Jury and Trial Juries, or officers of the courts.

Coordinators’ task is to populate Assemblies.

We are currently at Step 6 on the Chart for the New Mexico Assembly

• Public Assembly= State wide; Inform, educate, recruit

• Business Assembly- 6 State Citizens tasked with Management decisions of the New Mexico Assembly

State and Counties

Counties are not independent of State Union between State and Counties

Anna Article: About Counties

As people join their State Assemblies, the County Assemblies are automatically being repopulated, too.
The Counties have no viable jurisdictional interface with the Federal Government. They have to go through their States.
The Counties occupy the soil jurisdiction of this country and they hold the highest local government power, but they were deliberately “marooned” with only that supreme local power for a reason.
They were separated out and cut off from international affairs so that they could never make a mistake and sign away their sovereign status. That is, in part, why we still have a country. And still have 3141 Counties, too.

When a man from LaGrange County, Louisiana, joins the Louisiana Assembly it has two automatic impacts — Louisiana is repopulated, and LaGrange County is repopulated. Both. At the same time. As a result, your local government is being rebuilt at the same time as your State Government.

Not what we have to do … what is already accomplished!

So now knowing this, what can a Coordinator do?

Organize and facilitate an Assembly.

What Assembly?
County Jural Assembly.

Back to Anna’s article…

So don’t worry about organizing all 3141 Counties as separate entities and then try to build the States. Build the States and repopulate the Counties at the same time, so that you have the means via your State organizations to address Federal issues right now, today.